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Double Brim Double Stripes

Buy the pattern - Double Brim Double Stripe Beanie When I was a teen, I had this beanie. It was double brimmed, had stripes, and was so squishy soft and warm. This poor hat went through so many things, and ended its life in a very unfortunate way - food poisoning was involved. Enough said.… Continue reading Double Brim Double Stripes


Magdalena’s Heart

Buy the pattern on Ravelry! What a labor of love this little pattern has been! Well, for the most part it kind of just came together. I was knitting a stocking for several someone specials and wanted them all to be different, so started designing charts for the third one. My daughter loved the hearts… Continue reading Magdalena’s Heart


Enchanted Forest Peg Dolls

Lately, I have been absolutely obsessed with peg dolls, and enchanted forest. I thought, why not combine the two and make gnome peg dolls with these cute little hats? Check out the pattern here: Included with the pattern is a little beard! Super cute, super fun, and I think my class will love them!  They… Continue reading Enchanted Forest Peg Dolls


Simple Flip Top Mitts

Get knitting! Finally, after longer than I would care to remember, I have a new pattern published! Introducing, Simple Flip Top Mitts, a take off of my original Simple Mitts. I couldn't find a pattern for flip top mitts I liked, so I decided to design my own. This pattern will use a little… Continue reading Simple Flip Top Mitts