No Spend November

Making, not Buying

The winds have picked up on my little island the past couple of days and summer is well and truly behind us. New England can be funny in the fall - one day it's 70 degrees and humid, and the next your hands are numb. Magdalena and I take our two year old, rambunctious (but… Continue reading Making, not Buying


Magdalena’s Heart

Buy the pattern on Ravelry! What a labor of love this little pattern has been! Well, for the most part it kind of just came together. I was knitting a stocking for several someone specials and wanted them all to be different, so started designing charts for the third one. My daughter loved the hearts… Continue reading Magdalena’s Heart


Let’s Play in the Outdoor Classroom

I have been very fortunate to work for the past three years at an amazing school. It has great classrooms, a huge common room, and wonderful gardens and an outdoor classroom - which I think is a really cool feature. The other day, my coworker came up with an awesome activity for the kiddos, and… Continue reading Let’s Play in the Outdoor Classroom