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No Spend November, week two.

Hello, hello my friends! If anyone at all is reading this, welcome back!

I don’t feel as though I did that well this week, I did make a few purchases I didn’t need. I think I feel as though I did very poorly because I had some purchases to make that aren’t things I would normally consider essential, on top of getting a meal out. For example, a bag of dark chocolate covered cranberries (yum!) and a craft book for a swap I am in, and on Saturday night my daughter and I went to the store for a treat run. Plus, it was one of those weeks where a lot of bills were due.

The swap purchases could have waited until December, but I really want to get my package by the last week of November so I guess I made an exception. Which I obviously did with my cafe meal as well!

My spending within the confines of the challenge (which I may or may not continue to tally on the posts, in the past it’s only been what I spend outside of the parameters of the challenge):

  • assorted groceries (including those treats!) : $281.14
  • Bills owed this week total: $899.98 (should have added $.02 to even it out.)

So, clearly I went above my limit of $125 for my groceries, by a lot! However, it was one of those weeks where the coupons were really good and the sales even better. So things like deodorant, tooth paste, and baking goods were purchased even though I didn’t need them at the moment.

Spending outside of the challenge:

  • Dark chocolate cranberries and crafting book: $18.71
  • Meal at a cafe: $22.44
  • Total: $41.15

Side-note: in the spirt of the month, I am knitting all of my Christmas gifts this year for gift giving outside of the family. I am also making my daughter’s advent calendar with mini stockings. Here are the first 16:

The first sixteen stockings plus a mini santa!

The mini stocking projects: ravelled here , and the mini Santa: ravelled here. For outside of the family gifting, I am going to be making a mini stocking with an initial on it, along with a mini ornament to stuff it with.

One thing that has been saving me *a lot* of money not only this past week, but in general has been not buying coffees out. My friend gifted me with a Nespresso milk frother. And I tell you, this thang is a game changer!

There is a homemade protein hot chocolate I have been making and it is so good. Sometimes I add a bit off coffee to make myself a protein mocha. Here is the recipe:

Mix dry ingredients. Heat up milk in separate cup. I pour a little milk into the dry ingredients, then vigorously whisk, making sure to scrape the bottom so avoid chunks. I pour the rest of the milk in, whisk, then froth in the frother. Enjoy!

Are you doing No Spend November? What have you noticed has it changed your day-to-day? Or are you the type who is far more careful with your spending than I? Please leave a comment!

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