No Spend November

No Spend November – it’s back!

Well, here we are again. The beginning of November. Every year, I always exclaim that I can’t believe it’s already here! Yet here is comes, predictable and unchangeable as ever. To view previous No Spend November posts, Click here. As you can see, I always start off strong with documenting, but then fizzle out. Well, no promises this year, but I am going to forge ahead with hope!

(Have I tried it in the past and failed? Yes. But I am almost a decade older…so hopefully that will help.)

Things I am considering essential for the month of November:

  •  Groceries (Groceries is such a broad term and that store now has everything under the sun. There will be a $125 *gulp* a week budget on groceries. This will give me a good idea of what I need to focus on. Will this be something I am going to 100% adhere to if it isn’t feasible? Absolutely not.) I don’t have access to a car at the moment, so I have been going to the store multiple times a week for smaller hauls. This works in that less produce and meat goes bad – and I feel like I am spending less.
  • Bills – again, such a broad term. Gas, streaming services, utilities, you get the gist.
  • Any clothing we may need will be of the cold weather variety, of which we own plenty. We will need essential accessories, such as hats, gloves, and wool socks. However, I can pull out those size eight needles and get creating!

That said, here is a hat I made with some of my own hand dyed:

Gorgeous, no?!

So, on the third day of November, I spent $23.92 at the store this morning. I did get a soda which isn’t essential, but it’s my Friday treat. One thing I am doing, is getting cash back for any amount I have saved with coupons and sales then tucking it away. I was able to pay my rent with it one month, and I highly recommend!

I am planning on checking back in every Friday with a tally, but we may end up with a wonky schedule! Happy no spending!


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