Protein Brownie Mug Cake

Who doesn’t love an easy, yummy, quick protein filled mug cake? I know I sure love it. (Please excuse my nails, I have been dyeing yarn.)

Let’s jump right in!


Mix all ingredients in microwave safe mug. I like to top with some chocolate chips beforehand. Microwave 45 seconds to one minute. The longer you do it, the more cake like it’s going to get. I prefer mine on the more gooey side so I tend to stick to 45 seconds. I like to throw some sprinkles on and enjoy!

(This recipe has a total of 35.5 grams of protein if you stick to it exactly. It will obviously vary if you substitute ingredients.)

This is especially good with some ‘nice cream’ – blend frozen cherries or strawberries with frozen banana and a bit of milk. I use Ninja Foodi Smoothie Bowl Maker.


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