No Spend November

No Spend November


It’s time to take the plunge. Well, it will be in about a week and a half anyways! At least, it is time to put it out there that I am committing!

I have decided, for the month of November, not to spend any money on anything that is absolutely not essential.

With the holidays right around the corner, and my spending habits being as terrible as they are, my wallet is and will be hemorrhaging money. So, to get a grip, I am tightening the purse strings.

This will give me a much better idea of what I have the most trouble with spending money on, what I blow cash on without thinking about. I am willing to be it’s the $5.00 almond milk coffees I love so much. I am really excited to see how much I can sock away when I step aside from all unnecessary expenditures for four weeks. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be worth it? YES!

(Have I tried it in the past and failed? Yes. But I am half a decade older…so hopefully that will help.)

Things I am considering essential for the month of November:

  •  Groceries (Groceries is such a broad term and that store now has everything under the sun. There will be a $125 *gulp* a week budget on groceries. This will give me a good idea of what I need to focus on. Will this be something I am going too 100% adhere to if it isn’t feasible? Absolutely not.)
  • Bills

That’s it. No dinners out. No coffees. NO CLOTHING. NO YARN. Those last three will be the hardest. It’s a good thing I just ordered a lot of yarn.

There will be lots of free family activities in my future!

Has anyone else out there done No Spend November? Any tips? Encouragement? Any groups you would suggest joining? Please, share in the comments below!

I will be popping back in with updates, and I will definitely be updating this blog more frequently!



5 thoughts on “No Spend November

  1. Day 1 debrief: did you notice? Was anything different for you?

    For me, i did notice a few things:
    1. I biked when I would have taken uber on my multiple work site day. It was actually quite enjoyable and great exercise although took much longer than ubering.
    2. Had an interesting interaction with a friend about my privilege in being able to do this challenge. Part of my motivation to do this month was to better understand my privilege, what it means, and to be able to donate more. I’m thankful for people who challenge me and give me the opportunity to reflect on myself and my actions.
    3. There’s a fundraiser going on for My College that I just heard about and really want to participate in tomorrow because it’s a 50 state thing and they said they don’t have many alumni who live in my state (less than 100!). I’m considering doing that even with this challenge because increasing my donations is one of the outcomes I want from this month anyhows.


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