Mini Apple Pie Magic

With fall right around the corner (well, not really – more like a month away!) I have been thinking about apples. Apples, apples, and more apples! I love me a great baked apple, and these are one of my most absolute favorites. (Wow that’s not a proper sentence at all.)

What happens when you take this stuff:

(Ready made roll dough, thinly sliced apples, pats of butter, white and brown sugar), pop it all in the oven and cook according to the rolls’ cooking direction?
You get these:

The easiest apple pies you will ever make.
You can eat them like this:

These babies will surprise you with just how very good they are. I added a lot of brown sugar, which just caramelized perfectly!
Easy peasy fall comfort food. And my friend will probably kill me for sharing this, but I just couldn’t help myself!


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