Vegan Ice Cream


The healthier I eat, the more I am eating vegan meals. It is not an intentional thing, and often I don’t even realize what I have eat is vegan until after I have consumed it.

This ‘ice cream’ has been my go to sweet treat for a while. It’s pretty much a smoothie to be honest, but something about the actual chewing of my food keeps me full much longer – plus now it feels like I am indulging!

There are lots of variations you can make, here is the recipe I used in the picture above:

 – One (1) banana (frozen makes it more ice cream like right away, non frozen will be more watered down.)  – One (1) cup frozen cherries  – Enough almond milk to make a creamy consistency  – Splash vanilla extract  – Pinch salt

Place all ingredients in food processor or very strong blender and process or blend until very smooth and creamy.

The only way I have found to make this scoopable like ice cream is to freeze over night and then thaw for a bit, then scoop. It is also good to go right from the processor!

Top! I used Kind Snacks granola to top this. I have also used many different berries in this. I love strawberries or raspberries…sometimes I will throw in a bit of cocoa powder. Other toppings that are great are dark chocolate or nuts.

Enjoy this yummy, healthy, vegan, summer treat!


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