Spring Inchies


It’s been rainy, rainy, rainy here the past few days! Not to mention cold and dark. It isn’t June – it’s Juneuary! I crack myself up.

When you work with children, multiple rainy days in a row calls for some creativity, arts and crafts. And sometimes, the quicker the better, to hold little ones’ interest. And that’s why I love inchies so much. You can make multiple works of art in about ten minutes. I love mounting them all on one piece of construction paper, then laminating them


(I apologize for the quality and tint of that photo – the lighting wasn’t great.) Our inchie wall gallery!

Inchies are based on the concept of That Artist Woman. I tried water colors and pastels, but having no water color paper on hand, it didn’t work out too well. I tried construction, printer and regular painting paper – no dice!


I love mixed media artwork. Each inchie is made from a different medium. The yellow flowers are pieces of construction paper surrounding a little marker dot, the suns are colored pencil, the rain is crayon, and the butterflies are marker.


Work-in-progress photos are the best!

The project was pretty last minute, and that’s a reason I love these; they don’t require too much prep work!


Here’s another project-in-progress my coworker was doing with the kids while the inchies were going on.


That Artist Woman has lots of ideas for inchies. Alphabet inchies, summer, fall, holidays…I’ve made many as gifts for parents, and my kiddo and I have made them as gifts for friends and family. They look really cool and artistic when they’re framed.


Here are some fall ones I made with my daughter years ago. I have been in love with the inchies concept for a long time now.

Go forth and make some inchies! Let me know what you make!

#nantucket.knitter or tag @nantucket.knitter on Instagram with any photos you take of your projects!


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